5 Tips for Catching More Bass

5 Tips for Catching More Bass

Whether you are new to fishing, or you’re a recreational angler who loves to fish – well, who doesn’t love bass and who doesn’t love a few tips? Bass fishes are common in freshwater and saltwater (they especially are common bait as game fish) and it’s natural that they are very tricky to catch. While having some experience comes in as handy, even the regular guys have trouble in catching more bass. Fret not, for here are some tips to help you catch more bass.

It helps to be out on the waters a lot

Being able to navigate your way into a school of fishes and some familiarity with the fishing rod and all kinds of reel is very valuable. So, having spent a lot of your time in water (literally looking out for bass) makes you more experienced, and over time, you’re already a couple of steps away from catching more bass. No, this is not about you being able to swim. This is more about knowing which parts of the water are more likely to have fishes. That kind of knowledge isn’t something that comes naturally to us, sadly.

Educate yourself online

There are hundreds of articles that are typically targeted towards certain kinds of waters and specific regions. Although it’s easier to get some general information, some education (especially from the professionals) will definitely count. For e.g. it is known that spinning reels are very useful, but it probably makes sense to ensure that you’re spooling every now and then.

Hook up your fishing rods frequently

You heard me right, set the hooks of the fishing rod often. The hooks are very crucial to a good catch. Some fishes are small, and their light nibs could make you think that you’re probably getting a bite. If you feel a light bite, set the hook. It makes up for all the excitement that is associated with it, because, a few minutes later – voila! Here’s your bass.

Make some fishing buddies

This advice comes from a fishing buddy of mine that owns a tree service company in Grapevine Texas. You’ll learn faster if you have fishing buddies who are as much as or more knowledgeable than you. Join a couple of your local friendly buddies in some fishing trips, and they will educate you so well on the when-where-how of bass catching. And hey, it never hurts to make more fishing friends, does it?

Be patient. Don’t rush

Sometimes, the excitement gets to you that you lose focus. No, slow down. It’s okay to throw your cast out there and let it fish slowly. You’ll get there, eventually.