Best States in the Country to go Bass Fishing

Best States in the Country to go Bass Fishing

Almost every state will claim that they have the best bass fishing in the country, but they can’t all be right.  So that begs the question which states really do have the best bass fishing?  Is in Minnesota with their plethora of lakes or is it Utah who really does have some world class smallmouth bass fishing spots.  Good fishing can really depend on the species you want to catch as well.  Nonetheless here are our favorites, the best states in the country to go bass fishing.


When it comes to fishing in Florida, bass is probably not the first thing that comes to mind.  However Florida has some great deep waters with great spawning grounds for bass.  The best fishing happens in the heart of the summer when nobody is around, you can try Lake Okeechobee or Lake Seminole and in the Everglades too.  Florida is a favorite of fishing pro Larry Nixon, so if you can stand the heat then give it a try.


Alabama has some of the best bass fishing in the entire country and every angler needs to head there at least once.  You can catch spotted bass in the Alabama River or head over to Guntersville for enormous largemouth bass.  There is great fishing all over the state you just have to go exploring.  You can catch almost any type of bass here, largemouth, smallmouth or striped.


If you want to try your hand at catching bass that are bigger than 15 pounds then California is the place you want to be.  California imported bass from Florida years ago and that has paid off incredibly well for anglers in the state, now you can get some of the best trophy largemouth bass anywhere in the world.  Head down south to San Diego and check out the lakes nearby for some mass bass.


Right next door to Alabama Georgia also has some absolutely great fishing. A world record largemouth bass was caught here and if you want to try your hand at setting a new world record then head over to West Point Lake and give it a whirl.  While there are still plenty of places to catch some largemouth bass what Georgia is really famous for is spots.  You can consistently reel in spots that weigh more than 5 pounds at a number of different lakes including Lake Sinclair or Lake Hartwell.

While any of these states should make it onto your bucket list there are tons of places across the country where you can get in some great fishing.